Our services

Software Development

Solutions catered to your needs built upon the latest technologies and open source frameworks/tools in combination with agile development methods to incorporate your requirements with ease.

Project Management

Delivering the expertise and knowledge of managing and guiding through large to mid-size projects to ensure project milestones and targets are met within time, budget and with quality, whether it be traditional project management or agile methods.

Requirements Analysis

Gathering as well as analyzing the essential information to meet and exceed customer requirements to deliver a product catered to your needs.

We take time to go through your requirements thoroughly to make sure your expectations are met. Requirements specification to us is part of our project life cycle and therefore of utmost importance

Business Analysis

Analyzing and optimizing current processes to maximize business output.

Want to optimize your current processes? We bring experience from different fields and are happy to sit together with you and analyze your needs

Mobile Development

Mobile application development depending on the required criteria whether it be a native application or a hybrid application.

We will build your mobile application according to your ideas. Perhaps you don’t need a native app but a responsive website – why invest time and money if there is a simple way out?

App Optimization

Delivering design as well as app optimization for a successful launch in google play store/apple app store.

Need your app to be more prominent in stores? We can optimize it for you as we work with partners who have in depth experience with optimization.